1st Year of Marriage Recap

Starting a blog in the middle of a marriage feels messy to me. I feel like it’s starting a novel right in the middle or something, like the whole story isn’t there. Kyle and I started a family blog back in 2011 when we were married. We wrote infrequently, and a little bit more when our daughter was born in 2013. We decided to start a new family blog using a new format. When I first decided to revamp our blog, I thought I would copy and paste all of our posts from our old blog over here, but I decided against that. I will probably repost a few favorite posts from my old blog or if you are ever feeling like you really want to read those posts, let me know and I’ll send you the link. However, I kind of like the idea of starting a new, fresh blog. Feels like a new beginning.

I thought that I would get things started over here with a couple of “recap” posts. We were married in August 2011, so I will do one recap post per year of our marriage by month. Of course, there is more to both of our stories than the last few years, so I also decided we will do a feature called “Flashback Friday” which will be one of us recounting a memory (with pictures!) so you can understand more about our lives.

Without further ado, our first year of marriage–


This is a happy photo! We were married in the Portland, Oregon LDS Temple on August 12th, 2011. We believe that temples are the Lord’s house and there we can make covenants with God and our spouses that tie us to our families for eternity.


298650_181087251966245_1338648517_n Warning: Acronym Alert. We both started school at BYU (Brigham Young University). I was studying Elementary Education and Kyle was studying Civil Engineering. We were also both working part-time at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Kyle was teaching Hungarian and I was teaching Japanese. We both served full-time missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church, commonly referred to as Mormon Church). During a mission, missionaries are put into pairs (and sometimes groups of three) to work. You are with your companion all day, every day for at least 6 weeks. Yukika was my third companion and we were together for 3 months. We grew really close and so it was amazing to get to see her in Utah. Here we are with our good friend Moe.


October 2011 better.jpg

Football games and Halloween! We were Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Halloween. Clever, yeah? It was pretty neat because the costume cost us about 2 dollars for toy guns. I think we should be that every year. One of mine and Kyle’s biggest weaknesses as a couple is choosing Halloween costumes.



We visited my sister and her family in California for Thanksgiving. Our nephew, Tyler with Uncle “Ky.”


IMG_5294We got to spend Christmas in California with Kyle’s family. We had so many adventures! If you go to California, you should probably visit the Smiths. They know how to party.


January 11.jpg

 My friend Naoko from Japan visited us for New Year’s Eve. We got to show her around Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Kyle went to an ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) party in Oregon. Kyle calls it a “conference”, but he got to leave school, go to Portland, eat yummy food and have fun, so yeah.


IMG_5409A very romantic Valentine’s Day with some tools and chocolate.


IMG_5435The only picture we took in March ?? Hahahahaha… really bad photo of probably homemade taquitos with some type of quinoa salad. Don’t worry, April is going to blow your mind. It is unfortunate that when I make yummy food the pictures I take of it make it look like dog food. Maybe gourmet dog food though, so that’s comforting. 



I graduated!!! Yahoo!! My last semester was full of student teaching and working on my teacher work sample. That is probably why the only picture in March is a horrible food one. I also got to speak at graduation, which was a little unnerving, but also pretty fun. 

April 2011 2.jpg

This is also April 2012. We went to Hungary!! We wanted to visit both Hungary and Japan but realized we really couldn’t afford both. My best friend, Autumn, was serving her mission in Hungary right then so we thought it would be pretty neat to go there and surprise her with a visit. This was such a neat experience. We were there for 2 weeks. We stayed with friends of Kyle’s since he had lived there for 2 years as a missionary. We ate everything (including pig’s brain on toast in the above picture), tried to see everyone, go everywhere, and do everything. My favorite part was chocolate.


May 2012.jpg

May consisted of several hikes–we went to the natural & smelly springs in Spanish Fork and got to do a little swimming. We also went to an acapella concert with my sister, Melissa.




June 2012.jpgJune was another crazy month! Autumn came home from her mission and so we made a special trip to Oregon. That seemed to be a good time to get our family together as well so we had some awesome family trips. My mom and dad divorced when I was younger and both are remarried. I have the craziest, hugest, most awesome blended family. You’ll also see a very small picture of camping. We got to go camping!



Kyle had a birthday! When I put the candles into his cake, the candles would start melting (very hot pudding cake) and so we had to try something else…

Other fun things: Over the summer, Kyle had an internship at a Civil Engineering Firm in Utah doing traffic engineering. I got a job as a 5th Grade Teacher at American Heritage School (a private school). I had a lot of planning and training to do during the summer so I was at the school every day. Our summer jobs were about 5 minutes apart and so we drove together every day.



We took a Smith Family Vacation to San Diego in August. It was my first time there and it was pretty dreamy. Speaking of dreamy, Kyle in that wetsuit…..


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