2nd Year of Marriage Recap

My friend just told me a story he heard about a student who started their paper with “Right from the gecko” because she thought that was an idiom (as opposed to the actual phrase “right from the get go” or “straight from the get go.”) I just googled it and found somebody asking that very question on yahoo. It is just really hilarious to me and I want to start off every post that way. Do you think my posterity would mind if every time I wrote in my journal it started off with that?

Right from the gecko, I think everyone should know that I have a really hard time thinking of ways to open up a blog post. It kind of feels like trying to write a paper in high school all over again. I don’t want to make it overly formal but I also don’t want to start every blog post by saying right from the gecko, so where’s my happy medium, you know?

Maybe I should start every post with a picture and go from there. That whole worth a 1,000 words and all that.

Picture time, go.

August 2012


This was really the only worthy picture for August. Yes, we went to Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary and it tasted darn good. But this! This was our first sign of our little Madison! So, so, so excited.

September 2012

September 2012.jpg

We got to see our little bean! One of my first cravings was mashed potatoes. We went to Mimi’s Cafe and ordered 4 servings. Kyle thoroughly enjoyed indulging in my cravings as well. He would often ask, “are you craving anything right now?”

October 2012

Oct 2012

This picture is just to scar you. This is the most incredibly realistic old person mask I’ve ever seen, ever. Kyle’s not so much..but me? I think that is what my actual face will look like in 60 years. Nicely done Halloween Depot. Also, it was my birthday! My amazing friend made me this delicious cake!

November 2012

Nov 2012

I started getting a little bump and we got to see Madi’s tiny, sweet little profile.


We got to spend Thanksgiving with family in California. We’re missing some of Kyle’s siblings and our little nephew.

December 2012

Dec 2012

Every family needs to have someone who remembers to take pictures. Unfortunately, Kyle and I are both not that person. We had an awesome Christmas with my family in Oregon and I have little documented proof. I have this incredibly blurry picture of me with my sisters and this belly picture. This picture of Kyle was taken at our apartment before we left.

January 2013

January 2013

I don’t remember too much about this month, but at some point we went on a double date to the nickelcade with our good friends.

February 2013

Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day! I like this holiday. I really like all holidays and any reason to celebrate at all.


These were the little Valentine’s Day gifts I made for my class. I thought they were so cute. As I was making them I had a bunch of them on my lap. I was reaching down to our coffee table to pick up some scissors and my belly broke some of the glow sticks. That’s when I knew I was getting pretty big. Side Note: I have awesome pictures of some of the great projects my class did. I know it’s pretty illegal to post pictures of your students, so I won’t, but just know that they were the most adorable, coolest 5th graders you’ve ever seen. Especially dressed up as various Revolutionary War heroes.

March 2013



March 2013

When Kyle and I got married, his brother Dane was on a mission in Argentina. He was set to come home in March, which was right when his brother, Travis, was leaving for his mission to Peru. We drove to California and had an amazing weekend there saying goodbye to Travis and welcome home to Dane! We took some family pictures as it was the last time we’d all be together for 2 years. My 36 week pregnant belly was immortalized in our family pictures.

These pictures of Kyle, his brothers, and dad are my favorite. They were trying to take a picture the way girls would do it, especially the hand on hip pose (definitely one of my go to poses). They couldn’t do it without laughing… a lot.

We also moved apartments this month. It was pretty comical to move at about 9 months pregnant.

April 2013



Our little Madison born in April. Definitely the most important thing that happened.

May 2013


In our faith, new babies are often given a name and a blessing by someone close to them–typically their father. A blessing is basically like a special prayer over them. Madison had her blessing when she was about 6 weeks old. It was so special and she looked like a little angel. Kyle blessed her that she would bring joy to everyone she meets and I have felt the truth of that!

May 2013

We started adjusting to our new lives as parents! Kyle started work on his Master’s research project and I stayed home with Madi and did some tutoring on the side. Side note related to the picture: I love how infants can sleep absolutely everywhere. Try to picture being in some huge adult-sized bjorn riding on a giant while they’re hiking. . . actually that sounds kind of comfortable, so yeah, maybe I’d be sleeping too.

June 2013

130620_0018 IMG_20130620_163319

Almost every picture from June was a picture of Madison. I don’t regret it.

July 2013

Extremely picture heavy post and this month doesn’t help matters. We made an awesome trip to Oregon and had so much fun with family. My dad’s family (all descendants of my Grandma & Grandpa) get together for a Family Reunion once every three years. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. Three years seems to go by so quickly, but everything changes so much in that span of time too. I will choose just a few of my favorite photos.

July 2013

First plane ride!


Jul 2013 (2)

Four Generations & my mom with all of her grandkids


First touch of the ocean


My dad is a sucker for his grandbabies, and let’s just face it, his kids too. He’s a big softie.


Never want to miss a Family Pacific Ocean Challenge. This is cold water guys. I mean, it’s really cold.


Wouldn’t be a true family reunion without a talent show


Or playing cards with Grandma


My niece having lots of fun with her Uncle Andrew


Little Clara with Uncle Jared & Aunt “Sissa” (aka Melissa)

**Last 5 pictures compliments of my Uncle Heinz 🙂 




August 2013

august 2013

Family Reunion with my mom’s family. This one was all of my great grandparents’ posterity. This equaled lots and lots and lots of people. Madi is somehow getting even cuter by the second.


Stay tuned for year number three!


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