My Ten

There is one of those things going around Facebook right now. I don’t know what to call it other than a thing. Someone writes something in their status and tags other people and then those people write something and tag other people. I guess we’d call it a viral thing. At any rate–this time around the thing happens to be about books! The point was to write down 10 books that have changed or influenced you in some way, but also not to think too much about it, but to just write down the books that came to mind. I thought I may as well make a blog post about it.

gone with the wind

Gone with the Wind — This remarkable piece of fiction. I can read and reread this. I am a sucker for historical fiction. The first time I read this, I was crying like a baby at the end. This book has the best characterization of any book I’ve probably ever read. By the end of the book, you know the characters so well. You truly love them, even though you also can’t stand  them sometimes. Just like real people!

Separate Peace

A Separate Peace — I loved this book so much that I decided to write my big junior year research paper on its symbolism. After all of that, I still love it. So yeah, I recommend this book.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter #1-7 — Cop out? Possibly. But if you asked me to separate them, Harry Potter would take up seven places in my 10 choices.

The Book of MormonHoly Bible

The Book of Mormon & The Holy Bible — I’m going to go ahead and call these a set too. I feel the love of God and Jesus Christ within the pages of these books. The truths within them have changed my life and continue to shape who I am every day.


The Peacegiver — This is one of my all time favorite religious books. It helped me to understand Christ, the Atonement, and forgiveness & mercy in a whole new way.

true confessions

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle — This book is so exciting that I tried to write out a screenplay when I was about 10. I just knew it had to be a movie. I don’t know who I was going to send the screenplay to. I only got about 3 pages into the book because I was just literally typing out the whole book and putting all of the dialogue down and then all of the narration into parentheses.

thousand years

I Have Lived a Thousand Years — I love historical fiction and WWII Era/Holocaust books are probably my favorite. This is a difficult but important read. It left a huge impression on me.


Wonder — I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I think every middle-grade kid should read/have this read to them. It is a beautiful story of learning to love and accept others despite differences.


Mockingbird — This is a book written in the voice of a young girl with Asperger’s Syndrome who is trying to sort out her emotions after some family trauma. It is really incredible. I highly recommend this book for middle-grade children.


Ella Enchanted — I fell in love with this book as a child. It was one of the first chapter books that I started rereading on a regular basis.

There it is. Those are some of the books that have touched me and made me who I am. They have helped me love reading, transported me to another world, helped me understand this one better, or gave me hope for a better one someday.


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