Flashback Friday: Childhood Classics

I’m taking you back today, way way 27 years back. That’s right folks, I’m 27. Happy Birthday to me yesterday! In honor of my birth, I decided to share some delightfully adorable pictures of me as a child.

IMG_6276[1]My sisters loving on me as a little baby. Look at those cute barrettes my sisters are wearing!

IMG_6277[1]Riding on a toy horse. Love this because Madi wanted to ride on the statue dog at Old Navy the other day.


My 2nd Birthday I believe. Cuties with our pigtails.


Me in the crib with my brother. (We got a brother!!) I did this recently with Madison. It was surprisingly comfortable to snuggle in her crib with her. I didn’t do it too long though. I was afraid she was going to remember me doing it and start asking for me to get in every day.


I don’ t think you should even pretend this isn’t the most classic childhood picture ever. Fake smiles galore, I look like I have to pee, great bangs all around. I also look like I’m singing a song/in my own world which I pretty frequently was am.


This picture is hilarious. I love my little sister so much, believe me! As a child I did too (I had a major Snow White obsession and used to go on and on about how much she looked like Snow White). This picture just really makes it look like I am feeling kind of so so about it.



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