Family Traditions: Pumpkin Patch


I believe in traditions. Traditions bind families together, create positive and lasting memories, give children a solid and comforting structure to their daily lives, and make life fun! Some traditions revolve around holiday and cultural celebrations; other traditions we may not even consider traditions, but rather daily rituals. Something as simple as a bed time story is a tradition. Traditions often shape our day to day lives whether or not we are aware of it. It’s exciting to me to be a parent and to have the opportunity to pass down traditions and to create new ones for our family.


Kyle and I both have happy memories of carving pumpkins as children and this was something we wanted to carry on with our family. Although I really only remember visiting the pumpkin patch in that most iconic of preschool or kindergarten visits, I think that a pumpkin patch visit is so much fun! It is awesome to be able to pick your own pumpkin out. We went last year and Madison was a little too young to really enjoy it, but this year was great. We also noticed that the key difference between Utah pumpkin patches and Washington pumpkin patches is the mud factor. We got really really muddy this year. Also, one of our pumpkins drools from the stem? I don’t really know what it is. It’s like sap from a tree though. Madison likes to put her fingers in it and then wipe it on her clothes when we go outside 🙂




Carving post to come. . .


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