Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

Today’s edition of Flashback Friday is brought to you by the ghost of Halloween’s past. Kyle and I were pretty cute kids. At least our parents think so.

Katelyn and Kyle 028

Katelyn and Kyle 017

Brittany as a lovely princess and Kyle as an adorable tiger. Also, I am impressed by that massive wood pile in the back. Nice chopping!


We have another princess, a crayon box or a multi-colored crayon (I just realized I’m not sure because there is a pointy hat indicating a single crayon, but there is also several colors indicating a box of crayons), and I am a pumpkin with pink pajama pants. We all have rosy cheeks.

Katelyn and Kyle 015

Look at that little Batman smirk.

IMG_6487[1] IMG_6484[1]

When you have a big family, costumes get recycled. It has to happen. I mean, my mom made all of these costume with her hands, you guys. This is very impressive to me. Starting now you will see who wore it best battles between me and my older sisters.


Me in Melissa’s cowgirl outfit from above. Personal note to Melissa: The slanted scarf touch makes mine a little bit better.


Here is me as Elaina’s witch from above. I have to say I am making a more “witch-like” face in this picture. Also, going through all of these I now realize that rosy cheeks were part of my costume every year.

Halloween 1995

Denise made all of her kids’ costumes too, so there has to be some recycling. Dane makes a very cute Batman. I am dying over Travis in the bear costume. Baby Travis was too cute for words. Brittany Tiger and Ninja Kyle are pretty awesome too.



Some other noteworthy years: Ballerina & Figure Skater

Halloween 1997

And last, Kyle as a cowboy.


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