Illustrator Spotlight: Robert Ingpen

I have some good news for book lovers everywhere. I stumbled onto the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen in my life and they’re classics! Robert Ingpen, an illustrator from Australia, has illustrated a set of classics called “Sterling Illustrated Classics.” These aren’t the “Great Illustrated Classics” of my childhood days (though I think those are good introductions to the classics for kids reading by themselves). These are unabridged and impeccably illustrated. These are perfect for read-alouds.


Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi, illustrated by Robert Ingpen

I was at the library with Madison and the two little kids I do after school care for.  I was walking around, just browsing, when this book caught my eye. I realized I had never read Pinocchio, but had only seen the movie. I also thought that there was a high probability that the book was a lot different than its Disney counterpart (Hint: it is indeed very different). I put it in my bag, not realizing the incredible treasure I had stumbled upon. **This is why I think book browsing is still critical!! Please don’t ever go away libraries and book stores!!

You guys. You guys. Feast your eyes:

Pinocchio Collage

I apologize that these pictures were taken at my house, on my couch, with my iphone, in bad lighting, by Colonel Mustard. But these books! They are amazing. I was ecstatic. I was in book heaven. When Kyle got home, I practically threw the book at him. He agreed with me. I can’t wait to read this with Madison when she’s older! I looked online to see what else Robert Ingpen had illustrated and to my delight he had done an entire series!!

The Jungle Book  Peter Pan and Wendy

(Click on the picture to be taken to the Amazon link)

Secret Garden  tom sawyer

I have been drooling over these books. I fully intend to get the entire set before Madison is 6 or 7. We are going to have an incredible time delving into these classics. If you have a 6-12 year old on your Christmas list, or a book lover, or if you have me on your list–these books are a wonderful Christmas gift. They are hardcover and some of them are only about $13 on Amazon (some of them you can only get from third party retailers, so I would look on Google shopping before buying them from Amazon, as I’ve found some prices cheaper at Barnes and Noble and other book stores).

Happy Book Reading!


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