All marital strife begins and ends with Yahtzee…

My husband and I have a fantastic relationship. This is mostly because of Kyle.

Kyle doesn’t get angry. Ever. It’s pretty amazing.

There is one thing that threatens our marital bliss and that is the game of Yahtzee. We cannot play this game without getting steaming mad (okay, it’s really only me that gets steaming mad).

I am, by nature, only extremely competitive in things that are completely trivial. You put me in any kind of a sport and I just don’t really care if my team wins or loses. This was a really hard thing for my 4th grade softball coach to deal with (there is video footage of me and a friend making daisy chains in the outfield during a softball game). However, I have been known to get violent during friendly games of Uno.

So last night our power goes out completely in the middle of watching a show together. Power outage = board/card/dice games by candlelight (and a flashlight and Kyle’s headlamp). I think this is a proven formula.

We had to follow the power outage rules and so we started playing Yahtzee. We have a routine during Yahtzee. I make quick and usually bad decisions and Kyle gives me helpful and annoying (helpnoying if you will)  advice. “Do you really want to use up your chance now?” “You’re going to put a zero in your Yahtzee space?” “Don’t ever TRY to roll a small straight.” and so on. I glare at him and do my own thing and typically lose. I have won once.

Unfortunately, last night was not that time. Then following our usual routine, I was angry and resolved never to play Yahtzee with Kyle again or until the next time our power goes out.


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