Books Madi is Reading: Christmas Edition (19 Months Old)

Reading Christmas books with your children is special. Sometimes Madi is willing to sit through some more traditional Christmas books, but many of those books have a lot of text per page (like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and The Night Before Christmas) and she doesn’t quite have the attention span for them yet. Here are some titles she’s been loving this Christmas.

Christmas Quiet

The Christmas Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

This is probably my favorite because the illustrations are very well done. The animals are adorable! Every page has one line of text and I get to read it in a quiet “don’t wake up the baby” type of voice, which is fun.

Toy Story Christmas

Christmas Toys by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg and illustrated by RH Disney

I’m starting to find out how much Madison likes these “Step into Reading” or the “I Can Read” books. There is not a lot of text and the text is simple. They are definitely not as fun for me to read and so when she asks for me to read it again too many times, I start trying to find a convenient hiding place. She hasn’t seen this movie, but she just really liked this book.

Christmas Cricket

Christmas Cricket by Eve Bunting, Illustrated by Timothy Bush

This book is more enjoyable for me to read and Madi liked it too. She liked searching for the cricket on each page.

Have fun reading with your children this Christmas! Remember that book gifts are probably the best gifts you can give anybody!




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