Holiday Gift List for your Book-Loving 20 Month Old

Before I start showing you awesome books for your toddler, did you know that you can go to instead of the regular Amazon site to purchase anything you would purchase from Amazon and every time you make a purchase Amazon makes a donation to Doctors Without Borders? I recently learned this and have been doing all of our amazon shopping this way. It is nice way to do some good by doing what I would normally do anyway.

If any of you are in need of some new ideas for your toddlers, I want to let you know about some books Madison is loving right now. At 20 months old, her attention span is growing and she can sit through more text on a page. Her preferences are still sometimes hard to guess.

The Carrot Seed


She is obsessed with this little story from 1945 called The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss (Illustrated by Crockett Johnson… possibly the best name ever) which is all about a little boy who planted a carrot seed and no one expected it to grow (this is confusing to me. Why don’t his parents understand basic science?) but he kept taking care of it and it did grow. It actually has some very nice analogies about doing your best, no matter what other people think or say, but I have to admit I’m confused when his parents keep telling him it won’t grow (I understand why his older brother would tell him this). Anyway, my point is–I didn’t expect her to love this book. The pictures are all kind of orange/brown and it’s not terribly eye-catching. But, she LOVES it. The simple story and illustrations are really growing on me too.

1-20 Animals Aplenty

1 to 20, Animals Aplenty by Katie Viggers

This book is brilliant. This is the best counting book ever. It has cute little rhymes, the most adorable illustrations, and it shows different breeds (right word?) within a species. For instance, on the page with pigs it has the Berskhire pig, the British Lop, the Saddleback, etc. Oh, and the pig are all wearing wigs. Yes, this is a truly awesome book.


Breathe by Scott Magoon

You and your toddler will probably both calm down as you read this book about whales breathing. There is 1 word or a short phrase on each page with beautiful illustrations making this book ideal for babies and toddlers. We like to do deep breaths as we read it and trace the whale’s path as he dives deep.

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

I can never totally decide how I feel about pop up/lift the flap books because although Madi is learning, she’s not always gentle with books and this type of book is prone to tearing. Something inside of my book loving heart breaks when a book is torn (I once made a loud cry when Madi ripped part of a page on a book and it made her scared of the end of the story. We would read it and she would say “all done” right before we got to that page. I feel a little guilty, but the sound was truly involuntary). This book is really cute though and Madi loves it. She loves opening things on a page.

What Will Fat Cat Sit On

What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas and toddlers would be BFFs I believe. She just gets toddlers. She is like the Roald Dahl of toddlerhood. Every toddler wants to read about a fat cat who may or may not squish other animals. Your toddler may also enjoy yelling “no!” really loudly to questions. Recipe to toddler success.

is everyone ready for fun

Is Everyone Ready For Fun? by Jan Thomas

Another hit by Jan Thomas. Cows make a chicken really angry. Could it get any better? Happy Reading Folks!


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