Family Pictures 2014

I do realize that 2014 is over, but we had these amazing pictures taken in 2014 and I’d like to share some of them. I think that yearly family pictures are so important!

First, a favorite from last year and this year. I can tell that I really love mustard yellow.

Fam Pics


I can’t believe how much she is growing.

the Happy Film Company - Smith-2

the Happy Film Company - Smith-32

the Happy Film Company - Smith-39

the Happy Film Company - Smith-50

the Happy Film Company - Smith-57Love this one. She wouldn’t stop playing with dirt and this stick–it will always remind me of this stage of life and how much she loves playing in the dirt.

the Happy Film Company - Smith-86Madi had a hard time during part of our pictures. I’m glad we remembered to bring some food and I’m glad we have her eating it documented.

the Happy Film Company - Smith-101

Kyle’s face in this is priceless. I guess Madi and I got him big time with that dandelion.

These aren’t even scratching the surface on the absolutely killer photos we got. Man, we loved them! If you live in Washington, I highly recommend The Happy Film Company! We will be using them in the future.

P.S. I am not paid or receiving any type of kickbacks (like free photos or free rubies and diamonds for example) for sharing my opinion.


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