Home Study Approved!

IMG_7514We got a very welcome piece of mail this week! We are officially home study approved.

Adoption Profile 1

Adoption Profile 2

IMG_7501 Adoption Profile 3

Madi has a hard time smiling for cameras. This was her genuine reaction when we asked her if she wanted a baby brother or baby sister. Adorable.

Excuse our awkward crouching. We were using the timer on the camera and on an interesting hill. Adoption Profile 4Quite a lot goes into becoming home study approved. When we first started the adoption process, it frustrated me. Why was the path to adoption so difficult when we had already experienced such difficulty trying to conceive children? When we got this in the mail and I was looking over it, I realized just how much we had learned throughout this process already and I’m so grateful. We have learned more about ourselves, our marriage, and our parenting styles and beliefs. I know we are better parents because of this journey. We are also infinitely more prepared for adoption. Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, and kind words. Kyle, Madison, and I are excited to see what our journey will bring us next.  


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