Books Madi is Reading: 23 Months

23I have some winners this time around!

Some Bugs by Angela Diterlizzi, Illustrated by Brendan Wenzel — The illustrations in this book are colorful and adorable. The text is simple and the book shows several different types of bugs. A perfect book for a toddler.

Maple by Lori Nichols — Such a sweet book about a little girl gaining a little sister.

I Spy With My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs –The digital illustrations in this book are beautiful. Toddlers will love trying to guess which animal is behind the little eye on each page.

Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison — Jane is a small dog in a circus family trying to find out what sets her apart. Small text to picture ratio, perfect for little ones.

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall — This would be a perfect introduction to the “where do babies come from?” question for older children, but I think it’s a great idea to read it to toddlers as well. The illustrations are my favorite. I highly recommend this one!

Water Can Be. . .  by Laura Purdie Salas, Illustrated by Violeta Dabija — I love non-fiction books for toddlers! The rhyming text and beautiful illustrations show the many purposes of water in its various forms (liquid, solid, gas). A great starting point for a science lesson/discussion/activity.

Check these out!


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