Lawanna (1928-2015)


This beautiful woman, my grandmother, passed away on Easter morning. Nothing could be more fitting. My grandma, was a woman of faith and devotion to God. She loved the Lord with all of her heart and she served Him as best she could her whole life.

My grandma wasn’t looking forward to death. She often told me, even in her final weeks, that she was a “scaredy cat.” I don’t think she was actually afraid of what was coming after death, but death itself. I mean, it is scary. None of us have experienced it. It is unknown. However, the timing was so perfect that I have to believe that God was giving her this final gift– she went quietly and peacefully on a beautiful Easter morning.

I also believe my grandpa had something to do with that. Her husband passed away more than 24 years ago. They have been apart for so long. I know he’s been waiting for her.

16938371308_16e503a2e6_oMy grandma was stories at bedtime. She was wafer cookies and orange sherbet. She was endless hugs and kisses. She was love. 17124605742_5904b103e0_oI was close with my grandma. The thing is I still I am. I believe she is still with me. My mom called me early in the morning right after she passed and I felt this incredibly calm, peaceful feeling. I think she was telling me that she is happy and all of those fears she had were gone. And since she knows I’m a scaredy cat too, I think she was telling me that I don’t have to be.

I believe in eternal families and I believe I will see my grandma again. In the meantime, I will honor her the best way I know how–by trying to be a kinder, more Godly person. Love you Grandma. Give Grandpa a kiss from me.



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